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Develop a brand and collection of logos for Andrea Menard

Andrea Menard uses her voice to end violence against women, and to help women embrace their own sacredness.

Andrea Menard is an accomplished Métis singer/songwriter, actor, speaker, trainer, retreat host, and the founder of the Sacred Feminine Learning Lodge. She is an Expert in Feminine Leadership and trains individuals to “Lead Like a Goddess.” An advocate for rematriation and reconciliation, Andrea helps women, men and all-gendered people to name, reclaim and embody the qualities of the Sacred Feminine. One of the stars of the Netflix series, Blackstone, Andrea is a five-time Gemini-nominated actress, a 15-time music award winner, and her TEDx Talk called “Silent No More” has reached over 125,000 views. She has released 4 award-winning albums, a symphony show, 2 television programs, and has performed for Royalty, Prime Ministers, Governor-Generals, residential school Survivors, families of the missing and murdered Indigenous Women, and even sang her song “Peace” to the world’s NATO Generals.

Andrea came to us looking for a collection of logos for her courses and retreats that focus on restoring the sacred feminine of all women. These logos needed to coalesce into a cohesive brand, and also stand alone as accurate and meaningful representations of Andrea's material.

The Solutions

We began with a crescent moon

To many indigenous Canadians, The Moon symbol acts as a protector and guardian. The moon is also a feminine symbol in many cultures and the phases of the moon often represent stages of the feminine cycle (maiden, mother, matriarch), and frequently represents cycles, enlightenment, and duality.

We used this crescent to further build out Andrea's logo collection. The logos themselves are meant to represent women as powerful, sacred figures. The typeface is bold and unapologetic, and the shapes used are equally confident. We built onto Andrea's powerful red to include a palette of symbolic colours: green, purple, and yellow.

Symbolism carries heavily throughout each Brandmark

Each logo we designed for Andrea was carefully crafted to support a variety of symbolism related to women, the sacred feminine, and indigenous culture.

The crescent moon acts as The Matriarch’s head, and crescents encircle the logo

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The Matriarch wears a ribbon skirt. Each ribbon tells of a woman’s strength and what she carries. 

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We used the indigenous symbol for woman, and made her larger than life, to envelop and protect the stars and Earth below her. 

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Project Highlights

Worked with Andrea Menard, a true champion of women and indigenous Canadians

Developed a collection of meaningful logos

Implement the beautiful and important symbolism of indigenous Canadians

Asset 25crescent
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