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Design a landing page to increase international student enrollment

We were originally contacted by faculty members to build out two Colorado School of Mines faculty websites

The two websites needed to integrate seamlessly into the pre-existing website structure and design of CSM.

The Solution(s)

Mining and Geology Research

The Mining Geology Research Group utilizes geological tools to address technical and socio-technical problems in mineral exploration, mine development, production, and reclamation.

Resources and Communities

Resources and Communities conducts scientific investigations that contribute to more just and equitable ecosystems where humans, the natural environment, and technology can coexist in mutually beneficial ways.

We were then asked to build a landing page to capture leads for international student enrollment

We designed this landing page with interest generation in mind. Potential students land on the page through targeted advertising, so the process to move them from the first stage of their capture funnel (interest) to their ideal last stage (action in the form of information application). They continue to use this successful page to increase international student enrollment in their Masters programs.

Project Highlights

Increased lead capture for international student enrollment in Master’s Programs

Developed two full faculty websites for the Colorado School of Mines

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