Ferguson Jewellery


Develop a timeless, elegant logo for custom ring designer and builder Sean Ferguson

Sean ferguson designs stunning custom jewellery and specializes in one-of-a-kind engagement rings.

When we met with Sean, he had no logo to speak of and an outdated website. He also faced a special challenge: rebuilding his website from the ground up, while minimally impacting his SEO rank on Google and other search engines.

Sean was clear that most of his clients were looking for rings, and engagement rings in particular. He wanted a brandmark that he could potentially convert into a stamp for his jewellery, so it needed to be translatable at any size.

We began with the brand.

Rings encircle each other to form an elegant letter f.

We developed a monogram brandmark that was both elegant enough to be presented on a ring box, and bold enough to be stamped and remain legible on a piece of jewellery. Two rings intertwine to form a scripted letter F. Feel the love!

we then began work on the website

Not only did we maintain Sean's pre-existing search rank after transitioning to the new website, Sean happily reports that through our organic SEO strategy he now retains a top rank on Google for several of his desired searches.

Project Highlights

Developed a timeless, elegant and translatable brand

Designed and implemented a new branded website while retaining search rank

Our organic SEO efforts resulted in first-time top search results for Ferguson Jewellery

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