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Develop an immediately recognizable realty logo and impactful marketing collateral

Gerard Chiasson is Valley Ridge's #1 Realtor in Calgary, Alberta, with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Though Gerard and his wife/business partner Sherry had some semblance of a brand, it was dated. Their current collection of marketing collateral also needed a major overhaul.

Gerard and Sherry wanted their brand to represent their years of expertise in the realty industry. They also wanted to remain a relevant and trustworthy to Valley Ridge residents, which has a large population of young families.

The Solution

We began by designing a no nonsense and immediately recognizable realty logo.

Gerard and Sherry had been using a lime green colour for much of their collateral and wanted to keep their brand green. In order to accomplish these we opted for more regal, understated shades of green, and combined it with a classic gold.

For Their Collateral, We Wanted To Showcase Gerard's Many Years Of Experience As A Trusted Calgary Realtor.​

We compiled Gerard's plethora of useful information for homeowners and developed a stunning print piece called The Complete Home Selling Guide. He now passes this piece along to any client he deals with, as it follows a homeowner through the entire buying and selling process.

The Guide also showcases the many reasons that residents should choose Gerard Chiasson as their realtor, such as his level of experience, accolades, technology and advertising services, and more. Their new flyers, mailers, postcards, golf cart ads, and day planners have also become so successful that we are now designing a billboard park sign for Gerard and Sherry in the Valley Ridge Community .

Project Highlights

Developed an immediately recognizable realty logo to client specifications

Expanded the logo to include a new brand identity, complete with colour scheme and collateral assets

Developed several effective print pieces

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