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Golf Course Database


Develop an attractive digital e-commerce website for Golf Course Database

Golf Course Database houses a robust set of information on the golf courses of the world.

For example, the full version of their database contains the complete coordinates of golf clubs, a description of the facilities and services available and interesting information on each of the golf courses of the clubs. It also includes the longitude and latitude of the clubhouse for GPS positioning, and the scorecard data for the different tees.

They needed a streamlined e-commerce website to serve their databases and help golfers, golf clubs, and courses around the world.

The Solution

We created a clean, minimalist design expanding on gCD's current logo.

We began by using the existing logo for Golf Course Database to pull their green and gray colours. We knew the website would need a few more colours to enhance the current palette. We paired it with an exciting orange and a dark shade of gray for more impact.

International E-commerce

There is an individual database to cover each world region; one to cover the continents and several international databases. The databases are available in both light and full versions.
We needed a clear but attractive way to present each database, and opted for a clean geographic outline for each.

Project Highlights

Developed a digital e-commerce website for Golf Course Database

Developed custom icon and product sets

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