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Insurance Training Center


Design a fun insurance logo.

When we think of insurance, several words generally come to mind before "fun".

Learning about insurance isn't generally considered a fun activity, but the founders of Insurance Training Center intend to change all that. They've developed a range of courses relevant to insurance brokers today, including cyber insurance. All of their courses are presented online so that anyone who wants to learn more about insurance can do so.

Because they were turning insurance training on its head, they wanted their brand to do the same thing. They wanted to evoke similar feelings of trust and professionalism associated with most insurance companies, but without all the stuffiness. They wanted something fun.

The SOlution

We wanted the Insurance training logo and collateral to be playful and quirky.

We began with the brandmark, which contains the letters ITC in a cute rounded arrangement. We wanted the colour palette to inspire trust as well as excite and engage.

The website is equally bold

We strategically used blocks of colour and rounded shapes to create additional brand elements for Insurance Training Center. These blocks are used throughout their collateral, from their website to their stationery and business cards.

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