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The Langley BRake Shop


Design an attractive brake disc logo, and implement a new website with minimal SEO impact

The Langley Brake Shop has been Trusted for Langley’s braking needs since 1972.

The Langley brake shop came to us in need of a complete logo design, and full overhaul and redesign of their website which was nearly a decade old. They wanted a brake disc incorporated into their logo, and wanted something trustworthy, but modern.

The Solution

We decided to present the langley brake shop with some traditional styles

We designed two more traditional mechanic logos and incorporated the requested disc brake into each.

The third cleaner, more modern concept utilizes a muted red and reflex blue to invoke feelings of efficiency and speed, while remaining a trustworthy and established looking brand.

We then began work on the website

The Brake Shop had been investing in paid Google advertising. However, their website was nearly 15 years old and in dire need of an update. We completed the project and transferred the website. The Langley Brake Shop now ranks first in local organic search results for many keywords, including "brake shop".

Project Highlights

Developed a modern translation of a classic design

Designed and implemented a new branded website while retaining search rank

The Langley Brake Shop now retains top ranking on Google local search results for “brake shop”

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